Disaster Relief

When Disaster Strikes, You’ve Been There

Over the years, you have enabled us to provide aid for the many disasters that seem to regularly hit India. Whether it’s a cyclone, tsunami, flood, or a pandemic, we have been able to help relieve the suffering of many.

With the severity and rapid rise of Covid cases, restrictions on travel and lockdowns were put into place by the Indian government. This made life even more difficult for poor day laborers, the elderly, and the ill.

 With no one else to help, Good Life was given special permission to travel and distribute food and medical supplies to these villages.

More recently, your funding has been helping to alleviate suffering caused by flooding in 2022.

Thanks to your generosity, thousands have been helped. Thank you for being there for them in their desperate time of need. They had nowhere else to turn.

Because of you, they know that they are not forgotten!

“Covid was a very difficult time for Arjun and his family. You gifts made it possible for them to survive.”

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