You helped Arjun and His Family Survive Covid

Arjun* lives with his grandparents and three sisters. His older sister works part time to provide for them. During the lockdown she lost her job. It was very hard for them to survive. When we visited their home, they shared how fearful they were without the means to buy such basic needs as food. They were grateful for your prayers, the food, and wellness kits, you provided during this difficult time.

As schools closed across the country it looked like Arjun would not be able to continue his education with his peers. His family could not afford a phone for him to attend online classes. He walked almost 2 miles to a relatives home to borrow their phone to attend the online classes. Good Life provided a phone and textbooks for him so he could continue his studies at home. Arjun and his family are so happy for how you have lovingly cared for and met the needs of his family.

*name has been changed

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