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Christmas to India

Your gift of $22 is all it takes for a poor child in India to receive a special gift!

This Christmas season, embrace the joy of giving and brighten the lives of children and families in India, many of whom face the struggle of daily survival. Imagine the wave of happiness and festive cheer your gift can bring to these homes, where even the simplest of Christmas presents is a rare treasure. Your kindness will not only light up a child’s face with a smile but also fill their parents’ hearts with gratitude and joy, making this a memorable and cherished Christmas for the entire family.

For just $22, you can turn a child’s Christmas into a day filled with wonder and delight. At Good Life Ministries, our teams in India are dedicated to selecting gifts that spread warmth, education and joy. Your gift will generously provide essentials like book bags, warm sweaters, cozy blankets, and school supplies, along with festive treats like shimmering hair accessories for girls, ear muffs for boys, and a variety of delightful toys. Each package is a bundle of love and happiness, thoughtfully prepared.

It’s more than just about the gifts. At the program where the gifts are distributed, the Christmas story and the Good News is presented to the children and their parents leaving a profound impact on hearts young and old.

Amid the challenges faced by India’s impoverished, your act of kindness becomes a shining symbol of hope and festive love. Your gift is a beautiful expression of the Christmas spirit, reminding the world’s most underprivileged children that they are remembered and loved during this season.

It’s been a rough year for many in India, but your generosity brightened their Christmas season. You showed them that they were not forgotten.

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