You Made Christmas Extra Special

Ramesh and Suresh live in a slum. They live in a small hut with their parents who work hard to make the little money they earn each day loading a truck with fine powder made from rocks. This will later be used in making cement.

It was hard for boys to sit still as they sang songs and then waited while the Bible story of the first Christmas was shared. They were looking forward to the gifts that would soon be passed out. The boys along with their friends were super excited when they saw the Christmas gifts they would be receiving were book bags. Ramesh and Suresh had book bags, but they were made out of plastic cement bags that their mother had sewn together.

“Thank you so much for caring for our children,” their mother shared with tears in her eyes. “You surprised us with these wonderful gifts. My sons now have nice backpacks to carry their books to school. We are so grateful!”

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Boys with Christmas Gifts

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