Continuing Schooling During the Lockdown

“I don’t know what to say,” Haritha’s grandmother tearfully said. “You are doing so much for our children.”

She was sharing her thanks and appreciation for the tablet that you provided. Now, her granddaughter can continue school online- in spite of the lockdown.

“I didn’t know that anyone would do something like this” a mother said. “You treat our children like your own.”

“When we had to shut down the school, we started to look for ways to stay in contact with our students,” Sam, GLM Field Director explains. “Thanks to you, we were able to provide phones and tablets to them so that they could continue their classes online.”

“There are thousands of schools in our city who are not able to offer this opportunity to their students,” Sam continues. “It’s only because of your generosity that Good Life School students never had to stop learning. Thank you!”

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