A Good Life Club Changed My Life

Growing up, Kishore believed that he was good for nothing.
You helped him learn that he was loved.

His father would call him a waste.

He wanted to run away from home. He hated his father and God. He became a very angry boy. He was fighting with the boys in his neighborhood and breaking things at home.

Kishore hated his life, “I sometimes enjoyed hurting myself,” he explained.

One day he attended a special program at a Good Life Club in his village. “For the first time, I realized I was loved by God,” he said. “I still remember my first Bible lesson and the memory verse I learned.”

Thanks to your generosity, The Good Life Club gave Kishore a whole new start in life. He has since become a teacher, sharing at the Good Life Clubs and VBS. He also received a diploma for computers from the Training Center.

“God has plans for me to prosper,” he shared with tears in his eyes. “Without God and your support, I don’t know where I would be today.”

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